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HDC – Building Beyond Horizons

January 18, 2024 : 10:16 am
To stay true to our roots and to ease customer confusion regarding our corporate identity, we have officially reinstated our name to Housing Development Corporation (HDC), thereby strengthening our core mission and objectives.

Despite our rebranding to Urbanco, the name did not hold any legal status. As a result, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is still utilised for a variety of legal purposes. This remains one of the main purposes for our decision to reinstate the name HDC while using Urbanco as a sub-brand to reflect our urban planning projects.

Established in 2001 under a presidential directive aimed at transforming landscapes in the Maldives, it is our primary focus to create economically sound and attractive projects for the community. We are committed to redefining the evolution of Maldives by developing these islands into hubs for industrial, leisure and residential purposes through a variety of projects under our portfolio including Hulhumalé, Kudagiri, Gulhifalhu, Thilafushi, Urban Isle, and Ras Malé.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to developing safer, smarter and sustainable cities for our community.