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Inspire – Building a Generation of Planners 

October 31, 2023 : 4:00 pm

As the leading urban development corporation in the Maldives, we have launched an initiative called Inspire that aims to creatively inspire and empower children to choose careers in urban planning. Our primary goal with this initiative is to create opportunities for younger generations to explore fields related to our organisation and emphasise the role of urban development and city planning in building safe and sustainable cities. 

As part of the program, we have been conducting Inspire sessions in schools across the Maldives, including Laamu Atoll, Fuvahmulah, Kulhudhuffushi and more. These sessions provide practical and technical knowledge through engaging, explorative, and practical sessions. We aim to cultivate children’s interest in urban development and city planning by providing them with the necessary tools to develop their skills and knowledge base. 


We understand the importance of teaching children to explore and learn through different forms of materials, hence why we have developed a program that thoroughly explores the various stages of development in planning, which helps children enhance their knowledge of urban planning and gain an understanding of how planning is linked to many aspects of their lives as well as the future communities. 

As planners, we have a responsibility to provide children with opportunities to incorporate their voices in planning. Therefore, with the help of initiatives such as Inspire we are working towards empowering children to voice their opinions about the communities, they live in. This allows us to gain valuable insights that can be used to create more livable cities.  


The ‘Inspire’ program not only encourages the next generation in city planning but also seeks to promote civic participation by influencing and empowering them with opportunities. We hope to foster a sense of belonging and create a platform that allows the younger generation to voice their ideas and contributions in developing safe, sustainable, and livable cities. This initiative sets the stage for a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow, with the younger generation actively shaping sustainable and thriving cities. We remain committed to our mission of creating a positive impact on urban development in the Hulhumalé and beyond.